Civil Area

The firm offers full advice in civil matters and related to any contract, real estate transactions, compensations, etc. We study each case and the legal consequence of it to give an answer in accordance with the law.

Commercial and business area

The firm advices all the companies in commercial matters, since the company’s establishment, following of the different commercial transactions that the company can make during it’s life and it’s running internally and with other companies, like mergers, excision and liquidation of the company.

Labor area

The firm advices the companies in it’s relations with the workers in employment relationship, in collective negotiation matters, worker’s union matters and all the work legal regulations.

Intellectual property

CORLAW Corporate Law works with national and international companies for the trademark registrations, oppositions, renovations, transfers and principally for the care of the trademarks, fighting against the falsification, initiating investigations both administrative and legal actions.

Family Rights

The firm advices in all family law matters, like inheritance, divorces, marital regime modifications, civil record certificates modifications, etc.

Litigation and Arbitration

The firm offers the administration of trials in civil trials, commercial and laboral, and also arbitration trials in the Paraguaian Arbitration and Mediation Center. (CAMP)